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Welcome to Ktenas Trave1. Through our website you can be informed for the history of our company, its profile as well as for our private owned t1eet and the fully organized facilities. Our company was established ίn 1980 by George Ktenas and is already 30 years present at the tourist field as well as the transportation of the passengers.

Our punctuality, credibility and long-year experience are the factors for us being your first choice.

Ktenas Travel tourist office for 30 years continues the work which started in 1980 in the tourist and transportation field in collaboration with established offices abroad, public services, cultura1 organizations, federations, clubs, hospita1s, medical centers, schools, colleges, factοries, industries, banks, ministries etc. The company’ s aim is to provide high quality travel and tourist services, so as to fully satisfy the customer’ s claims, maintaining at the same time a high level of efficiency. In the line of this aim are also included the following basic fields of activities:

-Issue of plane tickets for destinations in Greece and abroad

-Hotels reserνations in Greece and abroad

-Organizatίon of conferences, seminars and special events

-Organization of school excursions

-Cruises and pleasure boats

-Car and coach renta1s

-Individual and group transportation

– VIP Service to and from airports, ports etc.

-Especially formed coaches for people with special needs

For succeeding this aim our company provides:

-Modem tourist coaches

-Personnel with long experience and training

-Perfect organization

-High technology media

All executives are responsible for ensuring the commίtment of the company as for the Ouality of the Provided Services is concerned and for the continuous effort for their improvement, aiming to the expansion of the company’ s activities in Greece and abroad and the constant satisfaction of their customers.

There is also a special department of school and youth tourism. With the credίbility and the know-how we are known for. Now, the young travelers can travel With security, sίnce Ktenas Travel takes care of it, providίng more experienced tour guides and escorts.

Travel is an eχperientίal dream, an exit to pleasure, joy and relaxatίon. This is the kίnd of travel our office can provide you.

Our basic criteriοn is always your best satίsfactίon ίn combίnatίon with the best low­budget solutίons. Get ίn touch with us and with the assistance of our experienced personnel organίze your own road trίp, your personnel’s transportatίon, your school excursion, all ίn accordance with the consistency of a great office.

Our new fleet and our office, workίng 24 hours the day, is at your dίsposal to satίsfy a1I your claίms.

We are waίtίng for you

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